Filming with Liberties



“Till It’s Over” is the latest single to come from rock band “Liberties”. The single production and recording was done at Tommirock Studios with Mitta Norath.

The video needed a large space for the concept to work and we were lucky enough to come across a great space owned by Melinda Fenech.

The video shows 2 universes coming together with both live performance from the band and an actor expressing the meaning of the song. Together they are phased into the one video shot to produce both a visually complex and a mind blowing arrangement of light and sound.

I filmed on the Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6K cameras and used as much of the environments natural lighting to boost our daylight balanced lights, to give the room a different colour to the warm temperature stage lighting used to showcase the band.

Editing will commence in the coming weeks with a release date to be announce from Liberties soon after.

More behind the scenes photos to follow

Liberties Music Video