Rundles Tailoring TVC



Today i had the pleasure of working with Darren from Action Productions again on a Television commercial for Rundle Tailoring.

The brief was to recreate scenes from a photo campaign but have the movement in them and finished back into the final pose from the photos in the final frame.

The lighting was a little tricky as i couldn't light based on what we could during the day but more had to re create the dynamic lighting from photographs taken with strobes.

With limited time and budget we were able to successfully match the photographs with a couple of redheads and reflectors.

Darren did a great job directing the actors for these campaign to bring life to the photos.

Darren and I both spent the following Monday in the edit suite putting the TVC together and colouring it to meet the colours in the photos.

The TVC goes to air during June 2018.

Below are a few behind the scenes photos and video of the shoot.