Why I chose the Phantom 4 Pro



So as you can see, I am now the proud owner of the newly released Phantom 4 Pro.

Many are asking me why not the DJI Mavic Pro. Well it was a very hard decision.

During a short film I was DP for, due to my Phantom 2 package needing to retire due to an unexpected auto landing at the bottom of a cliff face, the producer I was working with quickly popped out to grab the Phantom 4 to finish the job.

I was very impressed with the Phantom 4’s upgrades from my phantom 2, however, when it came to editing, we quickly realised the downside to the Phantom 4’s 4K bitrate. We would need to to reshoot and run the drone at 1080P to get as much bandwidth of the image as possible as 4K seemed to be littered with compression all over the image.

Dropping down to 1080p did the trick, however still had noticeable compression and to add we had to also upscale the footage to match the 4K cameras we were shooting with.

As it turned out, my trusty Phantom 2 was gone and needed replacement, however I had no idea what was going to replace it.

As we all know, everything about the Mavic Pro is amazingly small. It’s a well priced consumer drone that all packs up into a neat little pouch that you could chuck into your camera bag or even squeeze into your coat pocket, however my issue became a little tricker again when I noticed the bitrate.

While in a battle online researching what to do, the New Phantom 4 Pro was released and it seem to solve all my problems.

The New Phantom 4 Pro had been given a new camera, in fact a 20.4MP Sony sensor with 100mbps bitrate.

The image quality out of the new Pro is fantastic. Drones have really leaped in technology this year and the Phantom 4 Pro has bridge the gap a little closer between small sub 2kg drone and the bigger ones which have to carry DSLR.

In regards to all the technical information that more people would love to read about these Drones, i’d suggest checking out the website as i’ve purchased this due to the camera specs only and not so much what else the drone can do.

I do love the portability of the Mavic Pro and every time I see one, i get a little jealous of it, However, once the footage from both is in the edit suite, I’m completely sold and planted on the Phantom 4 Pro.